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Traveling with Your Pet

It is common to travel with your pet, especially if you are planning on being away from home for an extended period and have nobody who can care for your pet in your absence. Traveling with a pet is generally permissible, but certain restrictions must be met.

I was ticketed for letting my dog ride in the back of my pickup. Can I challenge the ticket?

You can challenge the ticket but will probably lose. Several states have enacted laws regarding transportation of dogs in the flat bed of an open pickup truck because it is dangerous for both the animal and other motorists. Some states prohibit you from doing this altogether, while others regulate the practice. For example, you might be allowed to put the dog in the flat bed, but only if it is secured with a crate or dog harness.

To find out whether your state has legislation prohibiting this practice, contact your local animal control agency before placing your dog in the open back of your truck.

I will be moving overseas with my pet. Will it need a passport?

Yes. If you will be moving to a country that is a member of the European Union, your pet will need a passport. The passport offers verification that your pet has received all necessary vaccinations against rabies, and is issued by a veterinarian.